At this time

Dear Friends

As some of you may recall, this time last year Bob had a terrible fall while here in Maine that had him in the hospital for months in a condition that I can only describe as bedlam wrapped in theatre macabre. Bob had, along with a compression fracture to his tailbone, a few cracked ribs, an injury to his head which caused bleeding to his brain and as a result exacerbated his slowly progressing mental diminishment.

Eventually, we were able to bring Bob back home to LA.

Going back was tedious for Bob making adjustments to his home on La Jolla Ave as it was advised living back at the Carlton Way house would put him at great risk with all those stairs.

However, it was good for him to be home and among friends and of course with his special boy, Rami the ever energetic rescue dog. No matter how bad he felt from the aches and pains of rehabilitation, Rami could always put him at ease. Bob tried to get back to work, he seemed to need to create, something, anything to keep his mind occupied as it became apparent that his nagging disabilities hindered his desire of enjoying time with his friends. He tried to focus on his memoir, but to no avail.

Then in August as I traveled from Maine for my regular visit, I noticed that Bob was not doing well at all. He had become nearly bedridden and his speech was slurred, his conversations were incoherent riffed with non sequiturs, and worse, he was easily agitated. He no longer had an appetite and the pain on his right side was excruciating. We took Bob to his cardiologist for consultation, where the doctor had him admitted to the critical care unit at Cedars. It all happened quickly as the diagnosis was declared that he had contracted pneumonia.

It turns out that Bob had aspirated, meaning he had inhaled food into his lungs. Eventually, a feeding tube was inserted directly into his stomach through his belly.

The pneumonia was finally cleared but this serious infection had further deminished his mental ability and he is now in a permanent mental state classified as dementia. Bob was finally placed in the Beverly Hills Rehab Center where it was decided he would remain with full medical care. I finally decided to bring Bob here to Maine to be close to me and my daughter and her family. We have placed him in a wonderful skilled nursing home called Piper Shores in Scarborough Maine. He is in the medical unit called Holbrook and although he has a lot of confusion about where he is, Bob has adjusted to the situation with the typical Bob Crewe dictatorial demands.

Piper Shores is a beautiful place on the shore of Casco Bay, quiet, tranquil, and a vista that stretches well beyond the horizon. This is not what any of us ever think will be our final chapter but Bob is still here. And even though much of his thinking is confused, he does seem to be reliving some of his most enjoyable memories.  Lately, he’s on to describing the adventures at his triplex penthouse on 5th Ave over looking Central Park. I remember it well and any of you who did venture there in those wild days will I am sure know that Bob is having a good time reliving it.

I am writing this generalized update to get to as many of his friends as possible. It probably goes without saying that he is a full time job and it makes it very difficult to speak or write personally to all. I will do my best to keep you informed of his condition and ask that you understand the difficulty of answering all the inquiries I get.

Thank you,

Dan crewe

Dan and Bob share a moment of discovery

Dan and Bob Crewe

Although he always tried to be the younger brother, he was not. So I remain younger brother to the amazing Bob Crewe